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Mama Jen’s Salt-Free Spice Blend combines 19 herbs and spices creating a perfect SODIUM FREE foundation.  It is great on chicken, meat, fish, pasta, eggs, vegetables, salads, and marinades.  It is also GLUTEN FREE and DAIRY FREE and made without preservatives.

The foundation of my cooking is flavorful, healthy and fresh.  The key to amazing taste is the combination of ingredients, spices and technique, not Salt or Sugar.

My mantra when cooking is simple:  build the flavor into the food.  Your body needs salt in small doses to function, but too much salt can be life changing.

My passion for cooking began at an early age.  My mother was always happy in the kitchen, cooking for the family.   I would find recipes in magazines and rip them out, compiling my own collection.  The first recipe I created myself was called “Mmm Mexican”.  I made it while my parents were at work.  That night my mom and dad raved about it.  My dad said it was the best thing he ever ate.  Unfortunately for him, he had it twice a week for the next few months!

Searching for ways to introduce interesting flavors in my cooking, I started experimenting with spices and herbs.

In 2009, I had the first of three operations on my feet.   I found myself confined to a wheelchair for three months after the first surgery, and then off and on for another three and a half years during the second and third surgery.  I gained over 35 pounds, struggled with diabetes, and my cholesterol level had almost doubled.  I had to fight my way back. After going through extensive physical therapy I am now walking again, I’ve lost the weight and focused on staying healthy and fit for life.

During this ordeal, I started developing my Salt-Free spice blend.

I became more aware that what I cooked affected my overall health and weight loss process.  If you are not satisfied with the taste of your food, you will end up eating the wrong things.  I tried MANY other popular Salt-Free blends available and nothing had the flavor profile that Mama Jen's delivers.  With Mama Jen's I set out to combine the perfect herbs and spices for an overall flavor profile.  After many attempts, I found the perfect blend.

Give Mama Jen’s Salt-Free Spice Blend a try and see how easy it is to infuse great flavor in your cooking without adding salt.

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